In pursuance of the National Design Policy, 2007, the India Design Council is mandated to raise Indian Design Education to global standards of excellence. The policy envisages strengthening of quality design education at different levels.

After diligent deliberations, the India Design Council determined to benchmark design education programs on pre-determined standards and to accord Design Education Quality Mark to institutions that meet the provisions of the published standard.

In order to pursue this objective of the council, the Council collaborated with the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UK (QAA). UK has been benchmarking its higher education through its Quality Assurance Agency, which reports to the Higher Education Funding Council for England on the academic standards and quality of learning opportunities in the institutions, which it reviews. The British Council in India helped and supported this collaboration.

The Design Education Quality Mark will be granted to institutions who undergo the review process and who meet or exceed the expectations for quality and standards as prescribed in the Quality Code.

The Quality Mark will communicate to everyone that an institution has a guaranteed minimum level of quality and standards and has undergone a third party, neutral review process. The Quality Mark includes a trademark-protected logo, which could be used by the recipient institutions in all forms of internal or external communication.

The Quality Mark will help the students to choose the right design Programme from a wide choice, will help the prospective employers understand the standing of the design institute and will communicate to the society about the adherence of Quality Code by the design institute.

The India Design Council has evolved a Quality Code for setting and maintaining academic standards, Programme design & approval and Programme monitoring & review for design education institutions in India.