• India Design Council

India Design Council

India Design Council is an autonomous body of Government of India established under the aegis of Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry. It is a national strategic body for multi-disciplinary design and is involved in promotion of design to ultimately make India a design enabled country.

In the year 2007, India became one of the few countries to adopt a National Design Policy. To enable the policy implementation the Indian Government announced establishment of Indian Design Council (IDC) in March 2009.

The India Design Council is spearheading the national design direction and is working with other government agencies, the design community, industry and education institutions to promote design in business, society and public services and developing design excellence.

Objectives of the Council

Design Awareness & Design Promotion

  • Creating public awareness on quality design & its effectiveness: Use of design as strategic element for business excellence and as a key factor for innovation, to improve people’s quality of life.
  • Promoting design awareness and effectiveness programs in private & public sectors-Country based Brand building – Design Promotion/ Exhibitions/ Conferences/ Seminars.
  • Promoting Design as a tool for innovation, productivity and economic competitiveness in business and industry.
  • Encouraging Micro, Small & Medium industries to follow the best design practices.
  • Promoting the concept of environment friendly designs and promote designers and industry to work towards environment friendly design.

Design Development

  • Promoting design investment in Industry & research organizations – work towards tax benefits for design research.
  • Assisting industries in appreciating the importance of quality and effective design management in product manufacturing to upgrade market competitiveness
  • Initiating Educational Institution – Industry Partnerships -to impart both design knowledge and business knowledge such as marketing/entrepreneurship
  • Promoting best design practices & innovation in Design- India Design Mark
  • Promoting design investment in Industry & research organizations – work towards tax benefits for design research.
  • Encouraging Design Research and Establish National Grants for design research.
  • Building a common platform for integrating design resources of the government, the manufacturing and academic circles.
  • Acting as a primary knowledge management body for design in India- integrate domestic cultural and creative design information, building a platform to share and exchange knowledge, exploring creativity – Operate a design database.
  • Undertaking awareness programs in IPR in the Design Industry – Provide workshops on Intellectual Property management and design

Positioning India as a Top Design Destination

  • Setting up a museum/design centre to showcase the role of design in everyday life to visitors from India and abroad.
  • Building a smooth mechanism and channels of international cooperation, promoting exchange of Indian design and Indian designers
  • For more, visit: www.indiadesigncouncil.org